Suitable Investment Properties – Price List (Updated 25/08/2016)

Investment Property Stock was released on 25th August and represents suitable stock available in outer Melbourne growth suburbs. You are welcome to review the list and to get back to us if you are interested in discussing a particular property.  Our role is to assist you in choosing the right property for your stage of investment. Our company maintains proven links to a number of very professional mortgage brokers who can find you suitable borrowing solutions. Whether you are a new or an established property investor, our knowledge can be a vital asset in assisting you to select suitable investment property.

Latest Suitable Investment Properties with Price List  >>>>  PISCPL Perform Stocklist 25.08.16

You are invited to review the information provided in the link above. To locate suitable property which meets your requirements; or to make an appointment; or if you need further information, contact Bill Meehan Managing Director of Property Investors Support Centre Pty Ltd; (a member of  Certain Wealth Group) at 03 8589 5908. He has more than 16 years experience in the investment property industry. Our consultation is free and without obligation.


Suitable Investment Properties - Price List (Updated 25/08/2016) Craigieburn Cranbourne Cranbourne East Doreen Epping Greenvale Investment Properties Laurimar Melton Melton South Mickleham Point Cook Rockbank Roxburgh Park South Morang Tarneit Victoria Werribee Werribee South Wyndham Vale

Purchasing an investment property may be the greatest risk you ever take; and one that could adversely affect your lifestyle for the remainder of your life.

Why risk it? Certain Wealth Group has assisted hundreds of average people to successfully establish their property investment goals; to really understand the property investment process; and to guide clients through the vital stages including establishing goals; property selection, choosing a proven Mortgage Broker one is comfortable can help them borrow funds. Also, CWG can assist them with their land and construction contracts, choosing a suitable conveyancer, monitoring and coordinating construction stages; helping to choose the right managing agent; assisting with annual property inspections; and when the investor is ready, being there to repeat the process for their next investment property.

Who else offers such comprehensive help? You have your “day job” to do! Is it not a comfort to know you have a competent and trustworthy “friend” that you can call upon any time.


Suitable Investment Properties - Price List (Updated 25/08/2016) Craigieburn Cranbourne Cranbourne East Doreen Epping Greenvale Investment Properties Laurimar Melton Melton South Mickleham Point Cook Rockbank Roxburgh Park South Morang Tarneit Victoria Werribee Werribee South Wyndham Vale


Over the past year or so it has gradually become apparent to me that the business of residential property investment has changed in many ways; not the least that the investor must be clear of mind before proceeding as to what are his or her property investment goals including the period to achieve those goals. It is no longer just the task of doing an on-the-ground property inspection of a number of affordable estates which relate to the buyers financial capacity; and then making a choice.

By way of example, two weeks ago we held our Certain Wealth Group annual property review in Melbourne; intentionally calling it the “State of the Nation Summit”. The name change represented the changing marketplace I refer to above; and also the necessity for us to change from a single presenter (Me!) to four of Australia’s highest quality and knowledgeable presenters representing property investment strategy, land development, construction trends, council planning for Melbourne and Brisbane suburbs; plus  a presentation giving new insights into selecting and retaining great tenants.

When we started out in this business 16 years ago, there were not many companies specializing in investment property business; allowing newspaper journalists to have a free run with their baseless prophesies of curves, collapses, GEC etc; none of which have had the results they predicted!. Today, while of questionable legality, we have seen a wrath of peripheral players enter the market including financial planners, accountants, real estate agents, solicitors, and mortgage brokers; most aligning themselves with investment property consultants; many of whom do not undertake the appropriate research, but seeing sprukers placing inexperienced investors into often shonky areas with overpriced houses of frequently smart designs combined with poor quality construction that in a few years will begin to cost much in maintenance.

This is not the fault of the buyer; but consider whether James Packer or Dick Smith would undertake an investment without first contracting world class consultants charging considerable fees to thoroughly look into the investment’s viability. Every day I receive emails from builders and land developers as well as sprukers offering me investment land and houses which I know has already been allocated to bigger players, but in the hope that if they get a “bite” with which they can approach the bigger player requesting they release the property for a fee. Conversely, we have in place business arrangements with the large companies who allocate property to us, and usually we can provide lower prices. Not only do you as the investor need to be aware of dubious “players”; you also need to stay away from them as they will often leave you in trouble; conceivably destroying your plans for medium term income generation from property returns.

There are also now more compelling reasons to work with professional investment consultants who know what they are doing. Banks continue to provide self-interest low loan valuations, and they are making more complex their rules for property investment borrowers. To deal with this requires the  use of very experienced and professional mortgage brokers, while working with an investment property  consultant who has access to big land developers; big wholesale building companies; and thorough knowledge through personal research including State Government Planning Departments, and Municipal Council planning offices relevant to areas that are being developed by private companies.

Modesty aside, I really believe that the strategic business arrangement we have formed with the key residential specialists referred to earlier in this paper places us in a position of knowledge, trust and integrity which we offer to you as you build your investment property portfolio. We are not simply there for “the next sale”.

Having read of those points that Certain Wealth Group believes in so strongly; and if you have not undertaken a review of your property investment goals for the past 2 or 3 years; or if you think you may be ready to purchase your next (or first) property, but are not sure; book for a review session of no more than an hour’s duration: in person (Melbourne), or by telephone or Skype. It will cost you nothing, but you could not put a value on it! To book, call us at (03) 8589 5908 or email to

With My Best Regards,

Bill (Meehan)

Managing Director




Property Investors Support Centre (PISC) Pty Ltd is an Australia based company formed by Certain Wealth Group to meet an identified need in the investment property industry. The company was designed to support a wide range of professionals including lawyers, mortgage brokers, builders, property developers, financial planners, accountants, and perhaps most importantly of all; many hundreds of residential investment property individuals.


Property Investors Support Centre makes successful retirement planning achievable with an ethical investment property and wealth creation program that has produced consistent and above average results for its clients – all because of its founding philosophy to educate clients on how to research and invest in real estate. By gaining knowledge our clients take control and have the confidence to make the right choices.


Our people are simply the best property investment educators in the business – and in the nation. Before creating the Certain Wealth Group of companies, they applied the fundamentals of good business in their Australian and international pursuits. At PISC, we help  people to make the right investment property decisions for an early, stress free retirement.


We also specialize in the areas of graphic and web design and illustration; and graphic pre-press works. Our business includes the design & development of both printed and electronic information, starting as simply as the design, preparation, and production of business cards, flyers, questionnaires, brochures; and other marketing and sales material at one end of the spectrum; and the design and building of web sites at the other.

PISC entered this market due to a strong demand for such services amongst the investment property “Industry”; caused by the durth in experienced companies who can provide these services.

The challenge we perceived in the market over the past decade was actually finding IT type persons; ensuring their continuity in the services we needed; as well as their reliability, availability, and the challenge in obtaining priority support when needed. For this reason PISC has recruited its own team of well qualified full time persons who understand the key elements of the investment property industry. And now they work permanently in this industry for our companies and commercially.

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As a new company our testimonials are at this time, more directed at our key personnel than our work performance. Trust, reliability and value are our main-stays, and these form the backbone of our new company.

“My property Portfolio growth has exceeded my expectations and I am on track to retiring a wealthy stress-free person – Thanks to Bill Meehan and his team”

Hemmat Nasrallah, Regional General Manager, Brighton VIC.

“The company group, especially through its Managing Director, Bill Meehan, has always demonstrated the highest integrity in our dealings…and has delivered on investment property that has experienced tremendous capital growth”

Ellen Pickering, Accountant, Elsternwick, VIC

“Five years ago we set our goal to be financially free within 10 years. Four and a half years later we were ready to enjoy early retirement, we owe much of our success to Certain Wealth Group.

Rudy and Margaret Widjaya

Retired, Crows Nest, NSW.

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