Property Investors Support Centre (PISC) Pty Ltd is an Australia based company formed by Certain Wealth Group to meet an identified need in the investment property industry. The company was designed to support a wide range of professionals including lawyers, mortgage brokers, builders, property developers, financial planners, accountants, and perhaps most importantly of all; many hundreds of residential investment property individuals.


Property Investors Support Centre makes successful retirement planning achievable with an ethical investment property and wealth creation program that has produced consistent and above average results for its clients – all because of its founding philosophy to educate clients on how to research and invest in real estate. By gaining knowledge our clients take control and have the confidence to make the right choices.


Our people are simply the best property investment educators in the business – and in the nation. Before creating the Certain Wealth Group of companies, they applied the fundamentals of good business in their Australian and international pursuits. At PISC, we help  people to make the right investment property decisions for an early, stress free retirement.


We also specialize in the areas of graphic and web design and illustration; and graphic pre-press works. Our business includes the design & development of both printed and electronic information, starting as simply as the design, preparation, and production of business cards, flyers, questionnaires, brochures; and other marketing and sales material at one end of the spectrum; and the design and building of web sites at the other.

PISC entered this market due to a strong demand for such services amongst the investment property “Industry”; caused by the durth in experienced companies who can provide these services.

The challenge we perceived in the market over the past decade was actually finding IT type persons; ensuring their continuity in the services we needed; as well as their reliability, availability, and the challenge in obtaining priority support when needed. For this reason PISC has recruited its own team of well qualified full time persons who understand the key elements of the investment property industry. And now they work permanently in this industry for our companies and commercially.

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